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Keynote Speakers DSO 2018

During the Day of Sport Research 2018, two keynote speakers with different backgrounds will address sport and health from different perspectives.

Keynote 1: Eddy de Smedt

In the morning, Eddy de Smedt will share his experience as Director Elite Sport at the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee. De Smedt was ‘chef de mission’ of the Olympic Belgian team for several years. He will present his vision on elite performance, but will also unveil how social and cultural differences can influence high performance sport.

Keynote 2: Michel Poulain

In the afternoon, Michel Poulain will present his research concerning ‘Blue Zones’: places on earth where people age extraordinarily well. Poulain is demograph and he will reveal how people can live a very long and healthy life. He will also explain the importance of physical activity for healthy ageing.