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1. Prof. Dr. Daniel Memmert

Creativiteit en het nemen van de juiste beslissingen zijn cruciaal bij teamsporten. Hoe kom je tot een doelpunt?  Welke data helpt coaches en spelers? Hoe kun je creativiteit meten? Prof. Dr. Daniel Memmert bespreekt in zijn keynote uitkomsten van zijn onderzoek tijdens meerdere WK’s voetbal naar effectief spelgedrag.  Uit zijn onderzoek blijkt het belang van het creatieve vermogen van spelers. Wat betekent dit inzicht voor sportcoaches? Wat betekent  dit voor de leeromgeving voor jeugdspelers? Ligt hier de sleutel om het Nederlands voetbal weer aansluiting te laten vinden bij de wereldtop?

Prof. dr. Daniel Memmert  – Tactical Creativity in Team Sport, big data and new technologies

First empirical evidence from the Football World Cup 2010, 2014 and 2016 demonstrated that the closer actions took place to the goal, the more creative they were evaluated as (Memmert, & Raabe, 2017). The objective of this talk is to give an overview of literature on tactical creativity in team sports. Exposing the relevance of tactical creativity in team sports, the advantages and disadvantages of different tests (video tests, game test situations) which measure the tactical creativity will be compared to each other. The main focus of the talk lies on sport activities, coaching, and training environments to foster tactical creativity in youth sports.

Daniel Memmert is a professor and head of the Institute of Cognitive and Team/Racket Sport Research, German Sport University Cologne, Cologne, Germany, with a visiting assistant professorship 2014 at the University of Vienna (Austria). He studied physical education for high school teaching (PE, math, sport, and ethic) and has trainer licences in soccer, tennis, snowboard, and skiing. Memmert received his PhD (basic cognition in team sports) and habilitation (creativity in team sports) in sport science from the Elite University of Heidelberg. In 2010 he was awarded 3rd place with Germany’s most renowned German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) Science Award. His special research areas of interests are cognitive science, human movement science, computer science, and sport psychology. He has 16 years of teaching and coaching experience, has an H-index of 27, and has authored or co-authored more than 150 publications, 40 books or book chapters, and he is an ad-hoc reviewer for several international psychology and sport psychology journals. In addition, he gave more than 80 invited talks, 90 scientific talks on conferences, and more than 100 teaching courses for PE teachers and trainers. He collaborates with researchers from the US, Canada, Brazil, and Spain. He transfers his expertise to business companies and professional soccer clubs (e.g., 1. Bundesliga, Champions-/European League) and organize the first international master in “Performance Analysis/Game analysis”.